Lewis Black Routine Goes Viral After Mentioning Trump's Casino in Vegas

Lewis Black Routine Goes Viral After Mentioning Trump’s Casino in Vegas

Comedian Lewis Black is no stranger to commenting on the absurdity of politics and current events. But one of his latest bits has been taking the internet by storm.

In a routine from his latest stand-up special, “Black to the Future,” Black jokes about Trump’s casino in Las Vegas.

“I will never forget that Trump had a casino in Las Vegas,” he said. “You know what they say about casinos in Las Vegas: They’re there to take your money and make you wish you’d never gone there.”

The joke was quick, but it resonated with people across the country. The video of Black’s routine has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, and it’s even been turned into a popular meme.

But Black’s bit about Trump’s casino isn’t just funny – it’s also surprisingly accurate.

Trump’s casino in Las Vegas was a massive failure. It went bankrupt after only two years in business, and it left thousands of people out of work.

It’s a clear example of Trump’s track record as a businessman: He’s bad at it. In fact, Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times in his career.

So when Black jokes that Trump’s casino is “there to take your money and make you wish you’d never gone there,” he’s not far off the mark.

Comedian Lewis Black Spews Out an Epic Rant About Trump’s Casino in Vegas

No, President Donald Trump did not open a casino in Las Vegas. The business mogul has been in talks to do so for years, but it never panned out.

That didn’t stop comedian Lewis Black from unleashing an epic rant about the potential establishment. “It would be a horrible, horrible place,” Black told the audience during his show at The Mirage on Saturday night. “You can’t have that many bankruptcies and still be in business.”

Trump’s casinos have filed for bankruptcy four times. If the president were to open a casino in Sin City, Black said, “it would be like giving candy to a baby.”

Nearly three years into Trump’s presidency, Black is still finding material for his stand-up routine. The comedian said things are going well for Trump –– as long as you’re not married to him or working for him. “If you’re one of his kids, you’re doing great,” Black said. “Otherwise, you’re screwed.”

Black has never been one to shy away from politics –– or strong language. In 2011, he released an album called “The Rant Is Due” and has frequently tackled current events in his stand-up act. This week’s rant about Trump’s potential casino was no exception.

Lewis Black Rants About Trump’s Casino in Vegas – Gets Standing Ovation

Comedian Lewis Black took the stage at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and didn’t hold back when it came to talking about Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

“This is a guy who is a casino owner,” Black said of Trump. “A f***ing casino owner! In Las Vegas! You know what I’m talking about? He’s not even from here!”

The packed crowd at the Rio casino erupted into applause, with some people standing up to cheer for Black.

“He doesn’t care about you!” Black exclaimed. “He doesn’t care about this city, he doesn’t care about Nevada, he doesn’t care about America! All he cares about is making money.”

Black saved his harshest criticism for last, calling Trump a “racist, sexist, narcissistic a**hole.” The comedian then urged the audience to do everything they can to stop Trump from becoming president.

Trump responded to Black’s rant in a tweet on Sunday, writing: “I loved Lewis Black until last night when he failed at comedy and proved himself to be a total loser – not funny and Emerson College drop out.”

Lewis Black Brilliantly Roasts Trump’s Casino in Vegas

It’s no secret that comedian Lewis Black is not a fan of President Donald Trump, and he recently took aim at the president’s new hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

In a scathing routine on Saturday night, Black ripped into Trump’s business practices and his involvement with the now-defunct Trump University.

Calling the new casino a “terrible failure,” Black joked that “it will be one of the few things in Las Vegas that won’t make you rich.”

He also mocked Trump for his vast wealth, quipping that “the only thing he knows about poor people is that they’re going to be poor forever.”

Black was just as critical of Trump’s policies, calling the president a “liar” and a “dangerous man.”

He even went so far as to say that Americans should be “afraid” of what Trump might do if he’s re-elected in 2020.

The comedian’s biting political commentary drew loud applause from the audience, many of whom were evidently eager to hear what Black had to say about our current president.

Lewis Black Calls Out Trump’s Casino in Vegas – Hilarious

Comedian Lewis Black was in Vegas over the weekend and decided to do a set at the Trump International Hotel and Casino. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. Black spent most of his time criticizing the casino, calling it a “dump” and joking about how Trump must be “running out of money” if he’s resorting to gambling. He also joked about the recent controversies involving Trump, from the Access Hollywood tapes to the Russia investigation.

It’s no secret that Black is not a fan of Trump, but his takedown of the casino was hilarious nonetheless. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out his set on YouTube.