Before hiring an editor, I highly recommend having your story beta read.

Copy-editing: $7 per 1,000 words

What I will do: Correct spelling, punctuation and syntax. Point out continuity errors and lack of character development. I approach editing from a reader’s standpoint; if anything is confusing, I will mention it and ask you to clarify.

What I won’t do: Re-write your story! I may offer suggestions if I believe something could be worded better or re-arranged to strengthen a scene, but the story belongs to YOU. In the end, you decide to either accept or reject any changes or suggestions I make.

Proofreading: $5 per 1,000 words

This happens after your story has been copy-edited. I will be double checking for any spelling or punctuation errors that your editor might have missed, but will not be pointing out problems that should have been caught in the editing process.

I refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for punctuation, and practice the use of the serial comma.  Americans are a bit more stringent in their punctuation than our British counterparts, but I use track changes on Word, allowing you to easily accept or reject any changes/suggestions that I make.

I am willing to edit a small portion of your manuscript free of charge, to give you a sample of my work and to let me assess if I can adequately edit your story. If I feel it needs a substantial edit, I will recommend you seek the help of a developmental editor.

If you decide to obtain my services, I do ask for a $50 deposit. The remaining balance is due when the project is complete, though I am willing to make payment arrangements if they are reasonable. Payments can be made through Paypal. If you live in the US, I will consider payment by check.

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